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org.apache.geronimo.specs/geronimo-osgi-locator-itests/1.1 Apache Geronimo OSGi Locator integration tests maven依赖

This project contains integration tests to ensure that the code in the locator will function correctly if used outside of an OSGi framework. These tests will have no dependnecies on any OSGi classes when run, and should function without error.

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创建年份 2003
开源协议 The Apache Software License, Version 2.0
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GroupId ArtifactId Version Scope 描述
org.apache.geronimo.specs geronimo-osgi-locator ${version} test  
org.apache.geronimo.specs geronimo-osgi-itesta ${version} test  
org.apache.geronimo.specs geronimo-osgi-itestb ${version} test  
junit junit 4.5 test JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java.