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org.andromda.samples.crud/crud-web/3.2 依赖的jar包

GroupId ArtifactId Version Scope 描述
junit junit 3.8.1 test JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java.
${pom.groupId} crud-common 3.2 provided  
${pom.groupId} crud-core 3.2 provided  
commons-logging commons-logging 1.0.4 compile Commons Logging is a thin adapter allowing configurable bridging to other, well known logging systems.
commons-lang commons-lang 2.1 provided Commons.Lang, a package of Java utility classes for the classes that are in java.lang's hierarchy, or are considered to be so standard as to justify existence in java.lang.
commons-beanutils commons-beanutils 1.7.0 provided
commons-collections commons-collections 3.1 provided Types that extend and augment the Java Collections Framework.
commons-validator commons-validator 1.1.4 compile
commons-digester commons-digester 1.7 compile The Digester package lets you configure an XML->Java object mapping module which triggers certain actions called rules whenever a particular pattern of nested XML elements is recognized.
commons-fileupload commons-fileupload 1.0 compile The FileUpload component provides a simple yet flexible means of adding support for multipart file upload functionality to servlets and web applications.
oro oro 2.0.8 compile
struts struts 1.2.7 compile The core of the Struts framework is a flexible control layer based on standard technologies like Java Servlets, JavaBeans, ResourceBundles, and Extensible Markup Language (XML), as well as various Jakarta Commons packages. Struts encourages application architectures based on the Model 2 approach, a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. Struts provides its own Controller component and integrates with other technologies to provide the Model and the View. For the Model, Struts can interact with any standard data access technology, including Enterprise Java Beans, JDBC, and Object Relational Bridge. For the View, Struts works well with JavaServer Pages, including JSTL and JSF, as well as Velocity Templates, XSLT, and other presentation systems. The Struts framework provides the invisible underpinnings every professional web application needs to survive. Struts helps you create an extensible development environment for your application, based on published standards and proven design patterns.
displaytag displaytag 1.0 compile The display tag library is an open source suite of custom tags that provide high-level web presentation patterns which will work in an MVC model. The library provides a significant amount of functionality while still being easy to use.
javax.servlet servlet-api 2.4 compile
itext itext 0.99 compile
taglibs standard 1.1.1 compile
javax.servlet jstl 1.1.2 compile
org.andromda andromda-script-wrappers 3.2 provided Provides implementations of "Script Wrapper" classes, these classes are injected into class files in order to provide the ability to write your business logic in an interpreted manner
jboss jboss-j2ee 3.2.3 compile