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net.eusashead.hateoas/spring-responseentitybuilder 共有3个版本,总共被引用了3次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.1.0.RELEASE ,其被引用次数为2 ,查看引用次数柱状图

Useful classes for creating Spring ResponseEntity with a fluent API for adding eTags, Location, Last-Modified and other HTTP headers.

net.eusashead.hateoas/spring-halbuilder 共有4个版本,总共被引用了1次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.3.0.RELEASE ,其被引用次数为1 ,查看引用次数柱状图

Allow Spring MVC controllers to return HAL representations using HALBuilder.

net.eusashead.hateoas/spring-halbuilder-page 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.0.0.RELEASE ,其被引用次数为0 。

Integration of Spring Data and MVC with HALBuilder to build ResponseEntity objects based on a Spring Data Page.

net.eusashead.hateoas/spring-conditional-response 共有4个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.1.0.RELEASE ,其被引用次数为0 。

Library for handling conditional GET, PUT and DELETE requests based on ETag headers in a non-intrusive way.