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net.dynamic_tools.javascript.dependencymanager/core/ Maven依赖写法

net.dynamic_tools.javascript.dependencymanager/core/1.1.0 依赖的jar包

GroupId ArtifactId Version Scope 描述
org.jgrapht jgrapht-jdk1.5 0.7.3 compile JGraphT is a free Java graph library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms
junit junit 4.8.2 compile JUnit is a regression testing framework. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java.
org.springframework spring-context 3.0.5.RELEASE compile
org.slf4j slf4j-api 1.6.2 compile The slf4j API
ch.qos.logback logback-classic 0.9.30 compile Logback: the reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging library for Java.
org.mockito mockito-all 1.9.0-rc1 compile Mock objects library for java

依赖于net.dynamic_tools.javascript.dependencymanager/core/1.1.0 的jar包

GroupId ArtifactId Version Scope 描述
net.dynamic_tools jasmine-maven-plugin 1.2.0 compile A JavaScript unit test plugin that processes JavaScript sources and Jasmine specs, prepares test runner HTML files, executes Jasmine specs headlessly with HtmlUnit, and produces JUnit XML reports
net.dynamic_tools.javascript.maven javascript-maven-plugin 1.1.0 compile