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de.itsvs/cwtrpc-core 共有1个版本,总共被引用了2次

被引用次数最多的版本是0.9.0 ,其被引用次数为2 。

Provides core functions that enables the development of a controller for GWT based remote services without requiring that other artifacts (like a security artifact) have direct dependencies to that specific controller.

de.itsvs/cwtrpc-security 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是0.9.0 ,其被引用次数为0 。

Provides an integration of GWT based remote services into Spring Security.

de.itsvs/cwtrpc-controller 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是0.9.0 ,其被引用次数为0 。

Provides a controller component for GWT based remote services, that can be configured in a Spring XML application context configuration file.