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de.cit-ec.scie/webservice-ner 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是2.0.1 ,其被引用次数为0 。

Contains a debugging version of the SCIE Webservice, performing only ontology based Named Entity Recognition. Thus this webservice can be used to list the all the ontological named entities found in the input text.

de.cit-ec.scie/ner-import 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是2.0.1 ,其被引用次数为0 。

Tool used to import ontologies from various file formats (native simple XML used for the small ontologies, NCBI MeSH, NCBI Taxonomy) into the internal NER ontology database.

de.cit-ec.scie/scie-classifiers 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是2.0.1 ,其被引用次数为0 。

Library based on liblinear which allows to aggregate multiple UIMA annotations to compound UIMA annotations/higher order concepts/ relations by employing machine learning techniques.