maven依赖 共有1个版本,总共被引用了1次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.0.2 ,其被引用次数为1 。

A light way to build Android UI in XML 共有2个版本,总共被引用了1次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.2.6 ,其被引用次数为1 ,查看引用次数柱状图

Project vlayout is a powerfull LayoutManager extension for RecyclerView, it provides a group of layouts for RecyclerView. Make it able to handle a complicate situation when grid, list and other layouts in the same recyclerview. 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是1.0.6.4 ,其被引用次数为0 。

UltraViewPager is an extension for ViewPager to provide multiple features in a single ViewPager. 共有1个版本,总共被引用了0次

被引用次数最多的版本是2.0.1 ,其被引用次数为0 。

Tangram is a modular UI solution for building native page dynamically including Tangram for Android, Tangram for iOS and even backend CMS. This project provides the sdk on Android.